Wi-Fi Authentication systems

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           Wireless Networks are normally vulnerable and exposed to security threats without a proper Authentication mechanism in place. Especially in public hotspots like Hotels, Malls, Campuses & Airports Etc. Many occasions unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots has been misused for criminal activities & cyber terrorism. For the same reason DOT ( Department of Telecom ) / Cyber Cell has set certain regulations to operate a public Wi-Fi hotspots. As per Cyber law, any public Wi-Fi access needs to be provided with a unique user name and password after taking the identity details of the user. And all the customer internet usage is supposed to be captured in a lawful intercept log by which information on the user's name, Password, time stamp of each session, MAC address of the computer used, IP address of the computer used, Source IP and Port, Destination IP and port and the history of the sites visited can be obtained and recorded.

Shine Wi-Fi Authentication systems makes you safer and secure

            Shine has Authentication Systems which can, not only comply the cyber law, but also help the customer to have control on the bandwidth usage, coupon based authentication, SMS based Authentication which will avoid manual interventions with the users, Direct billing, Customized Login Page, Zone based Authentication in a LAN, Plug n Play features, Payment Gateway Integration and many more features. We have Authentication Systems which can carter from 1-5000 concurrent users and have direct interfacing with many Hotel PMS software. We evaluate the requirement and provision the right product and model with which the customer can rest assure a reliable and secured Wi-Fi network at his premises.