Live Broadcasting

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            Shine Broadband lets you broadcast live events over the Internet, expand your community and engage the audience when they cannot physically attend the event. 'Shine Broadband' helps the world discover and experience your live event from anywhere, on any device like mobile and smart phones. From conversations to conferences to concerts, 'Shine Broadband' is the easiest way to take your event online. The 'Shine Broadband' encoder transmits video from camera into a live feed over the Internet so people can see your event in real time. With 'Shine Broadband', you can distribute your content in a variety of ways – on your website page, on a Facebook tab, embedded in a website or through mobile apps. 'Shine Broadband' is more than just an instant live feed. It's a portal for real-time interaction. viewers can chat with each other and experience events as they happen. Plus your audience can seamlessly share the experience with friends across social platforms. The transmission of live audio or video to personal computers that are connected to the Internet. A user who clicks a link to a live clip joins the live event in progress. Because the event is happening in real time, fast-forward, rewind, and pause capabilities are not available. Web casts simulate the look and feel of a live event and can even be recorded for later viewing for those who missed the original web cast. This method is very less expensive than satellite broadcasting.

'Shine Broadband' helps the world discover and experience your live event from anywhere, on any device

            Media Streaming is delivering audio / video content continuously over the web. With broadband spreading in every corner of the world and latest compression / delivery techniques, Media Streaming is becoming more popular. Dedicated High End / High Bandwidth servers that enable constant delivery of such content are called as Media Streaming Servers.

Media Streaming Servers are used in two ways :

1. On demand audio / video streaming
2. Live Streaming ( or ) Web Casting

On Demand Audio / Video Streaming :

This type of streaming is used to deliver pre-loaded media files. For example, play list of selected songs, pre-recorded events, pre-recorded training sessions, video tutorials, how to do video manuals, movies, trailers, prayers, masses etc. You can start and run your own FM and TV channel over the web and reach millions of audience at the lowest possible cost.

Advantages and Applications :

Media Streaming can be effectively used to cut cost, save time and to enhance the user experience. The following are few of the arenas where Live or On demand streaming can be effectively used.

Live Events : Broadcasting live events over the web such as Marriages, Sales Launches, Training Sessions, CEO meets, Sales Reviews, Tele Medicine, Surveillance etc.

Training : Live training sessions and pre-recorded training sessions can be streamed using live and on demand streaming. This will enable a tutor to reach pupils across continents.

Entertainment : Media streaming is predominantly used in entertainment industry to stream audio/video contents. Movies, Songs Play lists, Streaming TV events are to name a few.

Corporate : Pre-placement talks for fresh candidates, infrastructure and facilities streaming to acquire bigger projects, On demand streaming of apartments or construction projects, live sales reviews, dealers meet, investor meet etc.

Matrimonial : On demand streaming video of brides and grooms.